Monday, July 16, 2012

I've just begun a new path towards health today. I need to lose weight and I need to be faithful to myself in this area.

I have been lazy most of my personal life when it comes to "getting it done" I find the energy and drive when it comes to my work and play but the rest of my life I would rather just pretend all is well. For the most part it is, I have a wife who loves me and kids that spend time with me but I also have a body and a house that I have ignored doing only the most basic things to take care of them.

Most of this is so I can play or because of work, although work has become less of an issue so really it is just play.

So today I will start documenting my adventure, yes I am turning losing weight and getting control of my life into a game because THAT is where my heart is. And I play games to win, just ask my wife and kids :) , I will be using a great new game called SuperBetter to help drive me and push me to win :)

That's it this blog is for you Mike.

Goals: Lose weight, feel healthy and learn to love myself again (not necessarily in that order).

Current weight 440 lbs

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