Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning...

Although I do know where I'll be tomorrow I also know that life has become extremely busy over the last few weeks. Rather than be a slave to the blog every day I am going to post a few times a week and work on my recipe website a bit more.

So the way I am going to keep my progress completely up to date is to make one of my weekly updates my weigh in and to share what I am eating by linking to the tool I am using. The tool is which I have mentioned before and here is my page with all of my stats on it. There is a link to my diet calendar which shows exactly what I am eating with all of the nutritional info. I enter all my data daily (except sometimes during the weekend) but it will give you a perfect understanding of what I am eating.

Let me say again this diet (which I am starting to not think of as a diet) is transformative. Every diet I have attempted before this was about sacrifice and hunger vs. cravings and desire which is why I was bound to fail as a lazy human. This new way of thinking leaves me satisfied, fulfilled and happy with my choices, it is forgiving (unlike Atkins which is you fall of the train you have to start induction all over again to get that fat burning engine fired up) and most of all it has variety and flexibility. Without those last two I would be sure to succumb to my food cravings, now I can succumb to a food craving (popcorn at the movies) I just make sure I have a healthier version to back it up (SmartFood or Orville Redenbacher's new ready to eat flavored popcorn's or fruit instead of cake, pie or candy). Since I know that I have choices, I can always choose the smart path.

So here is my weigh in for the week. 406lbs. I am getting excited, if I keep on going at this pace by my next weigh in I could be under 400 lbs (gotta be careful it is a four day weekend for me) and I haven't been under 400 lbs in 3 years.

I am a gadget and tool nut, I think for every problem there is a tool or gadget to solve it and I have found the tools for losing weight sensibly and easily. Let me share them with you here"

  • The Full Plate Diet: This is a not for profit group that has no agenda other than to see you healthy. The book is free at their site, they have a blog, doctors and nutrition folks backing it up. The science seems sound and the seed they plant with their plan is a simple one to adapt to your life and likes.
  • This is my tool site, diet calendar, weigh in, forums, exercise log, journal, buddy lists and a food nutritional database to rival them all. I can literally look up any restaurant, food item or brand maker and get the nutritional details I need to make smart choices. They also have an app that synchronizes with the site so I can look things up while out and keep track of my activity everywhere I go.
  • A good resource to find recipe ideas, I just scale them back to feed one or two.
  • Google. I don't even need to link we all know it's there. I have been using Google to research the food I eat, compare nutritional info find places with recipes and more. Use it. Always.
So the wheel may keep on turning but with my tools and faith I know where I will be tomorrow.

New foods I have discovered and tested.

Pita Pal Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Fujisan Edamame Salad. I had both of these with diced cucumber in a La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Multigrain wrap for lunch 336 Calories and 18g of Fiber yum.


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