Friday, July 27, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race.

I think we have all heard the old fable of the Tortoise and the Hare or at least seen a cartoon or two :) .  What I always took away from the story as a child was to not let my pride (arrogance) in some ability cause me to fail. As I've grown older I view the story differently laziness never pays off, hard work and persistence will.

As I've said before I didn't gain all this weight because I worked hard, I choose the easy path, shortcut diets, or no path at all just ignoring it hoping it would go away. I sat on my butt when I should have been moving.

So I took a look at my progress last night (stepped on a scale) and seriously crunched the numbers trying to figure out, at this pace, how long it would take me to shed the weight. The answer? two and a half years give or take a few months. Granted that is assuming nothing in my routine changes, no additional exercise, just shedding about 2-3 pounds a week.

Ugh. The hare in me says, "come on there has to be a better way", while the tortoise (who seems to be speaking louder recently) reminds me, "nothing in this world is free". Sigh.

Yes I know that the less weight I have the easier it will be to start including consistent exercise beyond the parking further out in the lot at work, walking a lap around my floor every hour I am at work, standing when I can rather than sitting. Because even though I am doing these things they all involve pain now (aah the devils in the details isn't he) I do a single lap because after that my back is in agony.

So what should I do from here? This weekend I am going to start doing yoga (as best I can) or Pilate's with the goal of being able to partake in the Steps That Count event we do each year at work. We just wrapped up this years event so I have one year to work on my core (with yoga/Pilate's) to get the muscles in shape to support my back and making walking less painful.

Like I said slow and easy...

I keep posting my menu and I guess I'll share why. Making my menu public means I am committed to it, my friends and family can see my menu and see if that's what I'm eating. A little accountability goes a long way :)


Breakfast - Ah Kashi GoLean you make my morning infinitely easier. Kashi GoLean 1 cup, 1/2 cup 2% milk, 1 small banana sliced. Calories 345, Fiber 8g

Snack - TFPD Zesty Bean Dip and Chips Calories 210, Fiber 4g

Lunch - TFPD Pizza Wrap Bento Box modified no chocolate wafer cookies, creamy dip or watermelon. Calories 313, Fiber 19g

Snack - 1 med pear. Calories 100, Fiber 4g

Dinner - TFPD Szechuan Tofu & Green Bean Stir-Fry modified as I also added a cup of asparagus for additional flavor. Calories 245, Fiber 8g

Staying up late snack (if I am hungry) - Custom Cocktail (low salt) peanut and raisin mix 1/8 cup of each. Calories 150, Fiber 2g

Total Calories 1363
Total Fiber 45

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