Friday, August 17, 2012

There is a tool for any job...

...and I've got mine. I am a nut for tools, I need tools like some people need a cup of coffee in the morning. I feel no job is well done until you have every tool possible, in the world, at your finger tips.

I discovered a few tools over the past few weeks that have been helping me calculate my nutritional intake. I think last night I found the holy grail of weight loss tools. It is a one two punch combination of an app for my tablet and a website that stays synchronized with the app. So I can enter my data from the app or the web.

That app? Calorie Counter from the FatSecret website. How awesome is it you ask? It's AWESOME! And yes it is shout worthy here is a run down of what the app does.

  • Enter all your personal details, weight, height, age, sex (why do I always feel the need to chuckle when I see that word? Damn you Austin Powers)
  • Enter the food that you have eaten for the day:
    • You can scan bar codes in to do this and select serving sizes
    • You can search by category, alphabetical or brand
    • You can look up restaurants and choose menu items  to add to your daily food journal
    • You can manually enter the data
  • The food listings have complete nutritional information Calories, Fat, Fiber and the rest
  • It compares your intake to your personal details and lets you know how many calories you took in versus how many calories you burned.
    • This part is awesome. It lets you enter exercise activities, length of time and rate (fast - slow) and then calculates you calories burned for the day.
  • It lets you save a specific meal that you might use over and over again so you can just select that rather than build it every time you eat that meal.
  • It synchronizes with the website so you don't have to enter all this data on your tablet or phone.
  • It shows you a daily summary keeping you up to date on your progress.
  • You can export the data off the phone or the site into a spread sheet if you're like me and feel the need to crunch the numbers.
This app and website will make my recipe building so much easier and will provides enough info to help me track and plan my progress towards a healthier me.

Menu for today:

Breakfast - Kashi GoLean with a small banana and 1/2 cup of 2% milk. Calories 349, Fiber 10.6g (this number has changed a bit using the new tool seems to have refined my totals)

Snack - One medium pear, Calories 96, Fiber 5.1

Lunch - Mikes Bag Lunch, Calories 437, Fiber 18.5g

Snack - Hummus and Multigrain Cracker ( 2 tbs of hummus and 1oz/10 crackers) Calories 75, Fiber 3.5

Dinner - Chicken Tortilla Soup Calories 353, Fiber 6.5g

Calories = 1428
Fiber = 45

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